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Can I visit the EDSCO Superstore, and pick the items on the Book List myself?

We do carry the majority of the Textbook items listed on your Book List in our store, however we do not sell any of the stationery items in our shop.

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Where is the button on your WEBSITE, so I can order my child's Book Pack?

The button is located on our HOME PAGE. It is a bright green rectangular button located in the top right-hand side of the page. The button says: To Order BOOK PACKS Click Here.

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I am trying to order online, but it keeps declining or rejecting my payment. What do I need to do?

Please just try again, as it may be due to the large volume of traffic this time of the year. If unsuccessful, then please email bookpacks@edsco.com.au, and state your problem.

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When will my Book Pack be delivered?

If you have placed the order by the School’s official cut-off date, simply refer to your School's Book Pack Order Form, to find the Delivery Date. If you need another copy of this form, you can find one on our EDSCO website. Click the To Order BOOK PACKS Click Here button then select your school and year level and click on the link that says: "Some important information about your school". PDF’s will appear with the information. Please note: School Book Pack Orders that are received after the School's official cut-off date, cannot be guaranteed a time or day. We will pack your order as soon as possible and despatch accordingly.

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I do not want my pack Home Delivered, as we will be away on holidays. What do I do?

If you do not want your book pack sent to your home, please use an alternative delivery address. For example, an alternative address could be either: a relative’s address, your workplace, or parcel locker etc. Please do not put the School's Address, as schools are shut over the school holidays. Some schools packs are delivered directly to the school - please refer to information provided to you by the school to determine where your pack will be sent.

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Can I pick up the Book Pack from your Superstore?

No, we do not house the Book Packs in our Superstore. They are dispatched from a separate part of our business. Our arrangement with our Book Pack schools is HOME DELIVERY only. Some schools packs are delivered directly to the school - please refer to information provided to you by the school to determine where your pack will be sent.

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I have received one Book Pack, but I ordered Book packs for my other children, where are their Book Packs?

Your School's Book Packs are packed by Year Level. They are then despatched by Year Level. For example if you have ordered a Year Prep and a Year 5 Book Pack, every effort is made to deliver them together, however they may arrive a few days apart.

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I have ordered tissues and paper, but did not receive it in the pack.

Please check the details on your order, as most school’s request that large bulky items such as tissues and paper are not to be sent home, but are to be delivered in bulk directly to the school. This is an excellent idea as it saves the book pack from becoming very heavy and cumbersome. The school then receives a list notifying them of the students who have purchased the paper and tissues.

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I forgot to order my child's Book Pack by the cut-off date, can I still order the Book Pack?

YES. Online ordering will be still available.

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What do I do if I am missing an item from my Book Pack?

Firstly, please double-check your order, to see if you have ordered that item. (Yes! This is a common issue.)

If you have verified that you have ordered the item, the next step is to carefully remove every item from the box, as sometimes during shipping small items can get hidden between larger items.

If you still are unable to locate the item, simply email bookpacks@edsco.com.au with your School Name, Child's Name, Year Level and the item missing.

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Where is my LEVY? What is a Levy?

A Levy is not a physical item that comes with your Book Pack. You will not find a LEVY in your child's Book Pack.

A LEVY is a payment. It is money that the school collects. For example, you may pay an ART LEVY, which is money set aside for the purchasing of Art Equipment for your child.

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